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在交给Herb Solow的设定中,Gene Roddenberry提供了二十五种冒险故事的雏形。下面这些听起来或许相当熟悉,很显然,许多未来的《星际旅行》故事正来自于这些简略的描述之中。



《Capone总统》:一个平行世界,十年后的芝加哥,Al Capone[1]赢得了胜利,并开始在全国推行黑道法则。



[1] Al Capone:阿尔·卡彭,十九世纪二十年代的芝加哥教父 。1987年凯文科斯特纳、肖恩康纳利,罗伯特德尼罗等人的名作《铁面无私》(The Untouchables),HBO剧集《大西洋帝国》中,都能看到他的身影。百度百科:

Within his pitch to Herb Solow,Gene Roddenberry provided the germs for twenty-five different adventures.Some of the following may sound strangely familiar;it’s clear that many future Star Trek episodes sprang from thin wafer-thin descriptions.

THE NEXT CAGE. The desperation of our series lead,caged and on exhibition like an animal,then offered a mate.

THE DAY CHARLIE BECOME GOD. The accidental occurrence of infinite power to do all things in the hands of very finite man.

PRESIDENT CAPONE. A parallel world,Chicago ten years after Al Capone won and imposed gangland statutes upon the nation.

THE WOMEN. Duplicating a page from the “Old West”;hanky-panky aboard with a cargo of women destined for a far-off colony.

TORX.An alien intelligence…pure thought and no body, which “devours” intelligence.…Near starvation for eons.It has been frantically seeking precisely the type of “food”the earth could suppply in quantity.

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